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Journal Entry June 2018

So much for being on time today…how come every time I update my phone, six months later it manages to overheat and entangle me in the same old fuckery? So the phone’s a no go for the alarm this morning and disappointed, I start making my coffee at a nice comfortable little eight thirty. Still late Olivia, get over yourself. I managed to to tuck myself under the seat by the window and finish reading the reports with no interruptions (for once).

The scenes that occurred last night definitely made a lasting little impression on that group over at the karaoke bar and I think we ended up at Kenka’s? Last night was a humbling experience to say the least. All I remember is 3 shots of that garbage rose sake, the slightly better Hello Kitty sake, a run to the bathroom, and looking up at the reflection of my pupils. Hockey pucks. For the first time in a while I was 17 again because needless to say, my heart rate is still racing today. And now I’m going to crush whatever’s left inside of me now with some coffee to double the jitters. I’m always up, never down.

There was a concert wedged in the middle of my night, but is it just me or is everybody trying to sound like Beck and Beck is trying to sound like everyone else? I will counter this nasty tasteless thought and brush my teeth in rhythm to this song that’s been stuck in my head for days. In a way this will counter what I said and validate some things, clearly.

Maybe seeing Tao tonight will bring me back to equilibrium. You know, zen, inner chakras, all of that mystical slop I seem to secretly eat up.

I think I’m just gonna leave the two rustling bumps in my sheets lying there. Last night while being conductor of my newfound promiscuous Olivia train, two very particularly exceptional looking people ate up my BS and followed me home.

Needless to say, I was awake all night with them. Just between us two, the woman was wilder and I’m sure she only stayed when she saw the size of my place. When am I going to outgrow myself? Look at how I’m talking, I have to go pretend like I contribute to this huge company! Contribute to Bloomberg … for fathers sake. I’ll do it, like I always have, but this should be illegal.

Hopefully nobody is suspicious of me today. Maybe I’m turning into a reptilian, considering it’s standard procedure for all the big shots sitting at the top. I just happen to be one of them, and I’m turning into a reptilian, and there isn’t anything I can do about it clearly, so you just need to accept this new part of yourself Olivia, okay? I feel as if I look more like a preying mantis with the wig of Alice Glass thrown onto the head. Buggy? I’ll run with that.   Today is an hour and thirty minutes too late to leave a great impression of me over at the office, but hopefully with the ideas I bring tomorrow, they’ll remember them the day after, and the day after that, and even when they start being put in motion. Like all Wayne’s, we keep moving.

Meena Jehan



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Cass Bird / Humans of New York / Robert Mapplethorpe / American Two Shot


Brooklyn / MET gala / Coney Island Polar Bears / Grimes / Maison Premiere / NYC nightlife / Concept Stores / Woody Allen / Patti Smith / The Great Gatsby


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