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Journal Entry June 2018

I miss the beaches, but I guess I’ll have to settle for snow. I’d hadn’t seen snow in so long before last night, and I’ve been waiting in my room all day just to see a bit of it make its debut for the day through the cracks of my blinds. I’m looking over at my door and the snow melted all over by my shoes, so there’s another mess I’ll have to clean up.

I guess Japan is pretty far from my home, but I can only hope I’ve made a good enough impression on all of my colleagues. So far it’s been pretty hard to make out what they think of me; nobody has responded to my messages today and I’m just dying to be invited to something already. Oh what the hell, I guess I’ll go out either way. I’ve tried switching my diet over here but I’m stuck on fish, and okay, I’ll admit I cheated a couple of times when I passed that cart over by the market the other day. I should’ve considered being from Rio and being a vegeterian is harder than I thought.  

I saw a girl last night make her way up the stairs of the complex but I guess I was too shy to say hello. Maybe I’ll see if I pass her again today and invite her out for a drink. I will say one thing, all of my new friends can outdrink me. For being so hard-assed, these people over at the Academy sure know what they’re doing when you put a bottle in front of them. But I can tell that we have a good team on our hands, and that this move wasn’t for nothing. The one thing I guess I can take away is that Japan sure does have its share of problems, too. 

I just wish I could surf a little, but there’s no beach anywhere near me. I guess I’ll just have to settle for snowboarding. I think I’ll get used to the snow. What I don’t think I’ll get used to is buying all this extra gear to wear for Mt. Tomamu. I wonder if anybody’s gone on the slopes with just a bikini on? If it wasn’t so cold I’d probably be the first to volunteer. 

I still have some time in the day at least to research this GMO thing I got sent. It’s titled “what are they putting in our food?” Haha, you’re asking the wrong person! All I know is that whatever it is, it’s garbage. The food industry seems impenetrable even for the biggest of organizations to get through. At least Japan’s food industry is better than in the US…god knows what they are making their citizens settle for over there. Eating in the states was a nightmare. California had amazing veggie spots though, I’ll give it that. Japan can be a little tricky at times to accommodate to my diet. All fish or a schmorgasbord of animal parts, which sounds interesting but, I think I’ll experiment I guess and see how it goes

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