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Brexit has left the European Union in a state of anxiety and dread over the possible changes that may occur, especially to immigrants who are currently residing in the UK. While authorities have assured that residents will not be kicked out suddenly, there is still a possibility that in the future, treaties that may harm their residential status may be forged.

Economically, the aftermath of Brexit has been felt throughout Europe; Germany, Europe’s powerhouse regarding the economy and the leading proponent of the European integration project is facing economic pressures due to the insufficiency of the European Central Bank. Countries like Italy and France are facing even more considerable pressures due to their less stable economies. The ECB board members advocate patience and tranquility in the face of the crisis.

Polls suggest my homeland is on the edge of doing something absolutely insane. And on some level, I actually kind of understand, because there is an innate British desire to tell Europe to go f*ck itself.”

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Out of all the things that were expected due to Brexit, the one surprise is that, in reality, most experts don’t know what this event means for the UK, for Europe, and for the whole world. Politicians and economists can predict only so much, but the truth is that they’re just making assumptions and predictions. Brexit is an unprecedented situation that is as unpredictable as it is noteworthy.

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By Tim Farron for NewStatesman

Another day goes past, and still, we’re no clearer to finding out what Brexit really means. Today secretary of state for international trade, Liam Fox, was expected to use a speech to the World Trade Organization to announce that the UK is on course to leave the EU’s single market, as reported earlier this week. But in a humiliating climb-down, he ended up saying very little at all except for vague platitudes about the UK being in favour of free trade.

At a moment when the business community is desperate for details about our future trading arrangements, the International Trade Secretary is saying one thing to the papers and another to our economic partners abroad. Not content with insulting British businesses by calling them fat and lazy, it seems Fox now wants to confuse them as well.
The Tory Government’s failure to spell out what Brexit really means is deeply damaging for our economy, jobs and global reputation.

British industry is crying out for direction and for certainty about what lies ahead. Manufacturers and small businesses who rely on trade with Europe want to know whether Britain’s membership of the single market will be preserved. EU citizens living in Britain and all the UK nationals living in Europe want to know whether their right to free movement will be secured. But instead, we have endless dithering from Theresa May and bitter divisions between the leading Brexiteers.

Meanwhile, the Labour party appears to have thrown in the towel on Europe. This week, Labour chose not even to debate Brexit at their conference, while John McDonnell appeared to confirm he will not fight for Britain’s membership of the single market. And the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, who hardly lifted a finger to keep us in Europe during the referendum, confirms the party is not set to change course any time soon.

That is not good enough. It’s clear a hard Brexit would hit the most deprived parts of Britain the hardest, decimating manufacturing in sectors like the car industry on which so many skilled jobs rely. The approach of the diehard eurosceptics would mean years of damaging uncertainty and barriers to trade with our biggest trading partners. While the likes of Liam Fox and Boris Johnson would be busy travelling the world cobbling together trade deals from scratch, it would be communities back home who pay the price.

We are running out of time to stop a hard Brexit. Britain needs a strong, united opposition to this Tory Brexit Government, one that will fight for our membership of the single market and the jobs that depend on it. If Labour doesn’t fill this gap, the Liberal Democrats will.


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July 1, 2020


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